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Bugger!!!! I must have caught the bug that was going around and it caused me to cancel my plans for today. Not happy, I was very much looking forward to an afternoon in the theatre. Hopefully it will pass and I won’t have to miss out on the rest of my week.

This bug seems to be going around everywhere, so much so that my class with Annie Modesitt had to be postponed to next week due to illness in her family. I hope that they all recover soon.

Now that I’m resting comfortably, I’ve been working on Faeroe. I’m still in the main section and I hope to be 1/2 done with it by the time I go to sleep tonight. I’m loving how it is coming out, but, I do regret not choosing a solid color for it. I think the cables are getting lost in the black/gray variegation. I can’t even get a decent picture of it. Live and learn I guess.

Here’s today’s Yarn P*rn. Enjoy!

Happy Knitting 🙂


Posted February 24, 2008 by theknittingpatch in Faeroe, Yarn P*rn Sunday

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