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So much for unseasonably warm weather. The temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight and it was only in the mid 40’s today. I understand it’s only going to get colder into the weekend. Spring will be here soon enough.
I was suppose to go out this evening with a friend for dinner, but she cancelled due to illness. Hopefully she’ll be better soon and we can reschedule.

Today I worked more on the secret project and I’d say I’m about 1/5 done with it. No more pictures until it’s completed and into the persons hands that it is intended for.

I’m trying to decide on a pair of socks to make. I think I’ll take the choices and throw them in a paper bag and pull one out. Choice to be made Friday night. Any suggestions?

I decided that once my tax return comes, my knitting room can become a reality. I’m so looking forward to it happening. I’m making some final decisions on the furniture for the room and how exactly to arrange it. I’m choosing between two recliner chairs or a small sofa and a recliner chair. Both would work really well. I think the sofa may give me more seating options for company, so I’m sort of leaning towards that.
It’s just about the weekend and I’m finalizing a few plans up with the girls. I plan on taking some pictures throughout the city on Saturday. There is so much rich culture and history here and I really want to explore it. With that in mind, I will be playing tourist on Saturday.
Off to bed, a long day at the office is store for me come morning. Happy Kntting Everyone!

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