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Today is the day that I would find out if I had made it into The Loopy Ewe Sock Club. There are about 105 open spots for about 550 or so people trying to get in on the fun.

First and foremost, I have to say what a fun day it was due to all those on Ravelry Loopy Groupie Forum. We had such a wonderful time discussing anything and everything while waiting for Sheri to send out the email to the masses notifying us of our fate. We even had a contest for post #800 and it was a lot of fun! That lucky person won a skein of yarn from Crafty Woman’s Etsy Shop. Anyone who was watching the radar on Ravelry must have thought we were crazy with all the messages coming in.

So without further ado:

Willy Wonka – I’ve Got A Golden Ticket
Uploaded by jeffmartin48

Thanks Sheri, you’ve really made my month! 🙂 To all of you who got in Congratulations!

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Posted January 18, 2008 by theknittingpatch in Golden Ticket, The Loopy Ewe Sock Club

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