It’s Just Another Manic Monday   Leave a comment

………wish it were a Sunday……….

Monday’s come too fast. I so did not want to get out of bed this morning and go to work. I wish we had 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends. Anybody with me there?

Work wasn’t actually bad today. Pretty quiet in fact. Must be the nice Weather we are having here in NYC.

At lunch, I decided to go for a walk with a co-worker. We walked from 40th Street down to 14th Street along Park Avenue. It was a nice brisk walk, but it was too much to make the walk back, so we took the train. I may do that more often, weather permitting. I’m still trying to take off the pounds and I know the walks will help.
I’ve been experiencing blurry vision lately. Must be all the computer work and knitting. So, tonight after work, I had my eyes examined. As I had suspected, my prescription had changed and in a few weeks, I will have new glasses. They also found that in the back of my eye, I have a star shaped freckle. The doctors didn’t seem to concerned, but, they did say they will keep an eye on it.

There wasn’t much on the knitting front today. I’ve been working on my Dad’s scarf. I’ve got about a ball and a half left. I’m contemplating adding fringe/tassels to add some character to it, in which case, there is only about a ball left. I wasn’t able to knit on it on the way home due to the fact that my eyes were still dilated and I couldn’t see up close too well.

Don’t forget to enter the contest for your chance to win some fibery goodness. Comments will be open on that post until Wednesday.

I leave you with my favorite NYC picture that I took a few summers back. It was one of those let’s play tourist shots, but when I took it, I knew it would be magical.

Enjoy and Happy Knitting!!!


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