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Saturday, October 20, 2007

4:30 AM: Alarm clock goes off. I so want to hit the snooze button, but then it hits me. It’s time for RHINEBECK!!!!!! So up I get, showered, dressed, bag packed, and ready to go.

5:15 AM: I trek to Manhattan to pick up the rental car from Zipcar

6:10 AM: Cathy (sadly blogless) and I are patiently waiting for the garage to open (they were to open at 6:00)

6:20 AM: Car is in possession (a VW Jetta) and we are off to Knitty City to pick up Maddy and Ellen (both also sadly blogless)

6:30 AM: Picked up M&E and drover over to H&H for breakfast and for an ATM stop

6:40 AM: On the road to Rhinebeck (West Side Highway to the Taconic Parkway). It was a lovely ride and the day was glorious. The foliage, while not in peak season, was simply beautiful with all its oranges and reds. We could not have asked for a nicer day.

9:15 AM: Arrive at the fairgrounds Here’s Ellen, Cathy and Maddy upon arrival:

At this point, we sort of split up and wandered the grounds and we caught up for lunch. Next year, I really need to take out my camera more often than just this one shot in the parking lot.

Unlike when I went in 2005, I was not in the least bit overwhelmed. I had a clear vision of what to expect and what I wanted to get this time around. I knew exactly what vendors I wanted to visit and where I wanted to go. Of course, all good plans are meant to be modified and this plan was no exception. I did tell myself that if I went someplace, and nothing caught my eye, there would be no purchase, and that I held true to.

We had a sampling of things for lunch including Spacy Tracy’s fried pickles, garlic, and mushrooms; some Vietnamese spring rolls; and fresh and hot apple crisp. We all wanted to try and have the fried artichokes, but the line was incredibly long and none of us wanted to wait. Still having a little bit of an appetite, we strolled on over to Building E. In Building E, we were able to sample a little bit of this and a little bit of that, along with this and this and this. There was lots more, but not all have web sites, like Wild Coyote Hot Sauces of which I’ll have to order me some more.

By 3:00 PM we all had our fill and headed out of the fair grounds and back to NYC. It was a wonderful day and I am looking forward to next year. I’ve already been told to plan on a larger rental car so that (2) more of our knitter friends can come along.

Here is a collage of my purchases this year:

All of this fibery good ness comes from The Fold, Times Remembered, Green Mountain Spinnery, Oasis Farm Fiber Mill, Windy Valley Muskox and Maple Creek Farm. I know I’m missing two vendors up there, but their names elude me at the moment.

Until next year at Rhinebeck, Happy Knitting!!!!


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