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After a weekend without internet, I find out it will be a week before it’s restored. I went through a little withdrawal, but thankfully have it at work. A very long story and one that had me a little upset at the evil cable company (which I do not have and will not have).

The one good thing about it is that the yarn diet I put myself on really could go into effect. I joined the Stashalong and I hope that by summers end, my stash will be close to gone. It’s so hard though, all these new and pretty yarns. However, if I want to go to Rhinebeck in the fall, the stash must go.

I’m working on my daughters birthday present and am just about done with the first piece and should be starting the second piece this evening. That will bring the stash down about 10 balls of yarn. I also have her blanket on the needles, still. When I am done with the yarn that I have purchased so far for it, another 12 skeins will be gone. It will then have to wait until I am done with the diet to purchase the balance.

My log cabin blanket is coming along and as with my daughters blanket, once the yarn runs out, it will get put on hold.

Once these get done, I’m going to start a sweater with about 2600 yards of yarn that I have in a very pretty blue. I actually think this is enough to make about 2 sweaters, a his and hers.

As for the rest of the yarn in my stash, I have to decide what to do with it and I’ll have to see what is left.


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