Weekend gone Bad   Leave a comment

I want to scream.

I came home Friday night to find that I have no hot water. The boiler broke. It has yet to be fixed.

I have a sink full of dishes to be washed and no shower. I feel disgusting. The only thing keeping me sane in the house is my knitting.

And before you say it, I’ve already thought about it, friends are out of town; the BF has his daughter so I can’t go there.

I just spoke with my landlady and told her that this was unacceptable. I need to go to work and I can’t wash my hair. I can’t do the dishes. I can’t wash the floors. I can’t do anything that requires water. I want to scream.

Maybe I won’t pay the rent this month.


Posted June 11, 2006 by theknittingpatch in Uncategorized

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