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So, I’ve been patiently waiting for my daughter to send me the picture of the FO of the Flower Petal Shawl. I guess I can keep waiting. Ahhhhh, teenagers…..

Anyway, I’ve finished the Decadent Fibers Shawl and it is keeping me quite warm in my air conditioned office! 🙂

(the designer whey is not mine, inherited with the room)

On the needles:

A cabled scarf. My first foray into cables. Not as scary as I thought. I had left the cabling needle at home one day and I ended up using a drinking straw as the stitch holder. Hey, it worked. I’m going to give this to my Dad.

This is the start of the afghan for my daughter. After I am done with the Orange, I will knit on 10 rows of the Silver and then Limeade. She has chosen 6 colors to go on this blanket,in addition to the Silver, Orange, Limeade, she has chosen Fuchsia, Aztec Turquoise, Amethyst and Lemon Drop (OK, it’s 7, I added the silver as a border and separator). This is all done in Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky.

I’m about 5 days from being done with the cabled scarf (I only knit it on the train back and forth to the city, so about an hour per day give or take); looking for a new subway project, any ideas?

That’s about all for now. Happy Knitting.


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