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That is the first word that comes to mind when I talk about the festival in Rhinebeck.

I decided to go on a whim with the group that travels up from The Yarn Tree. What an amazing trip!!!

The day started early. We all met at The Yarn Tree at 6:30 AM and climbed on board the bus. We proceeded to Manhattan to pick up the city contingent and off we went to our first stop. Or so we thought.

We had to make an unexpected stop in Bedford, NY. The bus just would not move. Got it’s rear end stuck making a u-turn:

Broken down in Bedford (Martha, come help us?!?)

About 45 minutes later or so, the tow truck came and pulled the bus out. We had a lot of laughs while waiting and unfortunately had to skip our first stop at the Apple Farm so that we can get to what was important: The Sheep and Wool Festival!!!!

We arrived at the festival around 11:00 AM. To me, it reminded me of the Topsfield Fair grounds back home. Once in the gate, we were off to explore and have a day filled of fun.

I spent my day with two new friends, Cathy from the Village and Shirley from da Bronx. We started in the first barn just really window shopping and oohing and ahhing. I had never seen such gorgeous wools. Like my first thoughts, overwhelming.

My first purchase of the day was 3 balls of Frog Tree alpaca. So incredibly soft. For those of you who don’t know, Frog Tree Alpaca Yarn is produced by a non-profit cooperative in Bolivia. At the cooperative they start with the raw alpaca fibers and go through the entire process of sorting the fibers according to color, cleaning, spinning and dyeing the yarn. Purchases of Frog Tree, provide support to this cooperative, and allows the cooperative to provide work to a number of women to supplement their household income. I thought this was one of the softest fibers I had ever felt, but the day only got better.

We continued to browse through the barns and stopped for lunch for some fair food. London Broil sandwiches with cheese and onions and mushrooms. YUM!! After lunch, the real shopping began.

I had decided that I really liked the look and the feel of the Alpaca, so I decided that I would look for more. I was also looking for some good looking wool as well. Everywhere we went the colors were vibrant and luscious.

Here are the rest of my purchases for the day:

From Decadant Fibers

Pulled Taffy(Wool/Mohair)

Life Saver (Mohair/Wool/Nylon) Cormo/Young Mohair

From Times Remembered

Sport Weight Black Alpaca

Sport Weight Natural Alpaca

From Stonesthrow Farm

Vintage IV Cormo/Young Mohair Blend

What I am going to do with all of this, I have no idea yet, but I know I will have a lot of enjoyment with it.

I was ready to go home, plum tuckered out. We made our way back to the bus and climbed aboard. Just as we left, it started to rain and out the window of the bus, we saw not one, but two beautiful rainbows:

It made the end of a special day, even better…….or so I thought.

We pulled on to the highway on the way back to the city, and the fun began. There was to be a raffle. I figured no big deal, I never win at these things. It turned out that they had enough prizes for everyone. Here is where overwhelmed comes in again. I won in the raffle and I won good! Ten skeins of Catalina Baby Alpaca in yellow:

So now I have all of this luscious, gorgeous yarn and not a clue what to do with it yet. The only idea that I do have is to make a poncho or a shawl with the Catalina Baby Alpaca. Your ideas would be most welcome.

It’s a year away, but I am looking forward to next years festival. I definitely have enough yarn to last me to the next festival, but who’s to say that I won’t get more. 🙂

the Frog Tree Alpaca is from Hillcreek Yarn Shop


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