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After seeing WendyKnits Viajante, in person at Spring Fling, I thought that it would make perfect use of my Kauni that I had acquired at The Loopy Ewe.   I’m just about to add the second ball of yarn and I couldn’t be happier with how this is turning out.   Simply beautiful.   Thanks Wendy for the inspiration!


I’ve also started WendyKnit’s Summer Mystery Shawl.  Again, I’m using Kauni, this time in the rainbow colorway.

Both of these projects will be plane knitting for me as I head to sunny Aruba next weekend.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful start to summer and to my friends in Tornado country, stay safe!!!!

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Spring has been Flung   1 comment

Just returning from the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling in Colorado.  Here was the view from my room:


Simply beautiful.  Could you imagine waking up to snow-covered mountains all the time?

I took advantage of my downtime and had a nice massage at the hotel.  I had plenty of knitting time and visiting with friends old and new.   A wonderful class with JC Briar.   And, of course, a trip to The Loopy Ewe! (check out the newly designed website)


Above are my spoils.  The box in the background is a Cricket Loom.   I have not yet set it up.  I have a stand on order for it and am waiting for that.

I also want to thank Janet for my swap package.  I absolutely love it!!!!   I started knitting up the Starry Night Sampler at the Fling and am still knitting away.


Including in the package was a yummy Lavishea Lotion Bar and an awesome tool, Fix-A-Stitch. (Not that I want to make a mistake, but I can’t wait to try this!)  There may have been some chocolate in this package too, but there is no evidence of it.

A great time was had by all!!!!

Next week, I’ll be at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday.  I hope to see some of you there.  🙂

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Knitting at Carnegie Hall   2 comments

While waiting for the symphony to start, I did what any other knitter would do:  KNIT!!!!

Knit at Carnegie

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This so should not be taking me so long to knit.  That said, I’ve been pretty busy work wise and I’ve started packing my apartment to move (no place has been found yet, but moving all the same) so my knit time has been limited.  I have about four more repeats of this scarf to do and it will be completed and ready to gift.


The socks that I was working on last time?  I just started the second one.  I try to limit that to just my train time.  I’m really happy with the way they are coming out.  I’m just about to start the pattern on the second sock, the toe is complete.


Sad story about this sock.  I was on the train, knitting the cuff, when all of sudden, to my horror, the needle separated from the cable.  I was truly stunned.  This should not happen.  I mean, I know it happens, but wasn’t expecting it to happen from a Signature needle.  I felt all sorts of things; anger, sadness, more anger.  I contacted them once I calmed down and they are replacing with DPN’s at my request.  The circulars are on back order and I’d prefer the DPN’s.


I got to spend a lovely weekend with one of my best friends while she was in town.  She and I did a little running around the city (a mini yarn crawl if you will) and lots of kicking back in her hotel room just visiting and knitting.  I miss her already and we are planning our next get together sooner than later.  Love when times like this happen.  Sad to see them end.

I do have some stash enhancement, but will leave that for next time so that I have the chance to photograph it and save to stash on Ravelry.

I’m off for now and I’m really trying to be more regular about this so I hope to post again sooner than later 🙂

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I’m loving Reversible Cables!!!!   I’m pretty much knitting on it when I can while at home.  I have plenty of time before it will be gifted.   I’m actually considering one for me.  🙂

jan 20

When I’m on the train, I’ve been knitting on my socks.   Makes the train ride more enjoyable.

I’ve been neglecting my spinning.  I plan on getting back to it this week between the knitting, working and going to the gym, oh, and maybe a date night!!!

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On the needles:

pretty monkey

This is what I call my plain vanilla sock.  I’m doing a toe up version of Cookie A’s Monkey sock for the pattern.  For the toe and heel, I use what Wendy taught me in class at the Spring Fling five years ago.    Makes for an awesome fitting sock!!!

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I’m knitting a reversible cable pattern and have come to a screeching halt because the cable just isn’t making sense to me. Let me know if it makes sense to you.

Cast on 96 stitches
Work K2, P2 rib for 6 rows

Good so far, right?

Cable row 1, slip 12 stitches to a cable needle and hold in front, (p2, k2) 3 times – um what? the next stitch after the slipped stitches is knit, am I reversing the ribbing?

I read the pattern three times. Nothing stated that I would be reversing the ribbing, only the cable.

PM’d the designer on Ravelry, designer states it is correct.

I’ve gone so far as to chart it out on Excel, stitch by stitch and still made no sense.


Am I missing something? Should I just trust in the pattern? I really like the design and am knitting as a gift and want it to be perfect.

EDITING TO ADD:  I heard back from the designer and there was indeed errata – should have been P2, K2 for 6 rows and then the cables as written.  Thanks to all those that weighed in to me privately 🙂

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